Ecosystem monetization

At E•network, we have pioneered a distinctive circular economy that fosters sustainable rewards for our users, fueling the continuous growth of our platform. Our robust financial model is carefully crafted to create a win-win situation, where users are incentivized to use our app consistently while maintaining a thriving ecosystem.
To ensure the sustainability of the ecosystem, we have diversified income sources. These include revenue streams from various aspects of our platform, such as
  • API subscription for web2 business.
  • Transaction fees from Enetwallet & EnetDex.
  • NFT sales
  • Incubation & Launchpad fees
  • New token and DApp listing fees.
  • In-App advertising fees
  • Packages for Business partners
  • Product subscriptions
Our ultimate objective at E•network is to establish a self-sustaining ecosystem that thrives on rewarding our users while fostering continuous growth and innovation. To achieve this, our revenue model is carefully diversified, preventing dependency on any single income stream and ensuring long-term sustainability.
The $INER token assumes a central role in our financial model as the primary mechanism for our power users who consistently engage and make use of our platforms.
A significant portion of our revenue from all sources, will be reinvested into our community as rewards— Moreover, each operation executed within our ecosystem leads to the buyback of the $ENET token, effectively increasing our treasury's size and fueling our ability to reward users consistently.
This well-balanced circular economy ensures that our users are continuously incentivized to engage with our app, promoting regular use. Furthermore, it strengthens our community, encouraging active participation and long-term commitment.
We reiterate that while we have confidence in our financial model.
It is essential to approach any investment decision with caution and due diligence. We advise all potential investors to thoroughly review and consider all the risks and disclaimers outlined in this document before making any commitments.
Our team is available to address any inquiries or concerns that investors may have. We aim to foster a mutually beneficial relationship with all stakeholders, and we value the trust and confidence placed in us.