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EnetPad, an all-in-one launchpad, is dedicated to nurturing and transforming ideas into tangible utility projects and bringing more companies into web3 sector. By providing a comprehensive suite of tools and services, EnetPad empowers startups to swiftly and efficiently launch their initiatives.
EnetPad empowers developers by providing them with the means to create and deploy new tokens, NFTs, build liquidity pools, and launch IDOs. By leveraging E•network´s robust ecosystem and accessing a broad user base, startups can effectively promote their projects. This increased visibility attracts more investors and fosters a vibrant community around the projects.
EnetPad plays a pivotal role in driving innovation and growth within the cryptocurrency sector. It serves as a premier launchpad for new and creative crypto ventures, equipped with an extensive platform and a supportive community. By nurturing the creation of new projects, EnetPad aligns with our vision of pushing the boundaries of innovation and fostering a thriving cryptocurrency ecosystem.

EnetLab (Incubation lab) offer

Project Evaluation: Enetlab diligently assesses the feasibility and potential of each new project before it is listed on the Alpha launch. This stringent evaluation process ensures that only the most promising and innovative ideas receive support, fostering a curated ecosystem of high-quality projects.
Funding Opportunities: Enetlab serves as a platform for new crypto projects to secure funding through various fundraising methods, including initial DEX offerings (IDOs).
Exposure and Visibility: Enetlab offers new crypto projects a platform to gain exposure to a broader audience. In the highly competitive crypto industry, increased visibility plays a crucial role in the success of projects. Enetlab's ecosystem amplifies exposure, enhancing the prospects of new projects and enabling them to stand out in the market.
Community Support: EnetPad cultivates an engaged and supportive community consisting of investors, developers, and enthusiasts. This community provides invaluable feedback, support, and guidance to new projects, contributing to their growth and development. The collaborative environment offers by Enetlab enhances the chances of success for startups.