How does it work?

To get started with Enetwallet, follow this simple steps:

  1. Download Enetwallet: Download the official Enetwallet app through our website or App store when it goes live, click on the download or install button to get the app on your device.

  2. Create an Account: Open the Enetwallet app and swipe "Get started." You'll be prompted to set up a secure wallet. Follow the on-screen instructions to create a wallet and set a strong PIN or biometric authentication.

  3. Back Up Your Wallet: During the setup process, E•network will provide you with a unique wallet recovery phrase. Write down this phrase and keep it safe in a secure location. This phrase is essential for recovering your wallet in case you lose access to your device.

  4. Fund Your Wallet: Once your wallet is set up, you can receive cryptocurrencies by sharing your wallet address with others. You can also use the wallet's built-in features to buy cryptocurrencies from exchanges or use a peer-to-peer trading platform.

  5. Select Token for Fee Payment: Enetwallet is an Account Abstraction wallet, you can specify which cryptocurrency or token you want to use for paying transaction fees. We recommend choosing $ENET token, as there are benefits to using $ENET.

  6. Explore the Interface: Familiarize yourself with the Enetwallet interface. You can view your balance, transaction history and get to see our business partners and services they offer within the app, which you might find interesting.

  7. Send Cryptocurrency: To send cryptocurrency from your Enetwallet, navigate to the "Send" or "Send/Withdraw" section in the app. Enter the recipient's wallet address and the amount you wish to send. Confirm the transaction, and it will be broadcasted to the blockchain network. When initiating a transaction, you will have the option to select the token you wish to use for paying the fees.

  8. Access DeFi Features: Enetwallet is known for its seamless integration with decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. Explore the "DeFi" section within the app to access various DeFi features.

  9. Manage Assets: Enetwallet also allows users to manage multiple assets in the wallet. You can hold and interact with various tokens and blockchains, making it a convenient solution for users with diverse cryptocurrency holdings.

  10. Be Mindful of Gas Prices: Although Enetwallet provide flexibility in fee payment, it's essential to monitor gas prices and network conditions to ensure that your transactions are processed efficiently.

  11. Security Measures: Enetwallet prioritizes security, and you can enable additional security features like social recovery and daily transfer limits for added protection.

  12. Keep Your Enetwallet Updated: Ensure that you regularly update your Enetwallet app to access the latest security improvements and features.

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