Why E•network?

E•network was established late 2022, in response to the deficiencies found in existing DeFi projects, particularly in terms of innovation, user experience, and onboarding new users and businesses into web3.
Our vision is to revolutionize the DeFi space by addressing these shortcomings and creating a more inclusive and sustainable ecosystem.
In 2022, the development of decentralized applications, such as crypto wallets and decentralized exchanges (Dex), experienced a surge following the events involving FTX exchange. In 2023, the trend was significant, as numerous centralized exchanges and project, including Binance, embraced decentralized wallets and Account Abstraction. This shift gained momentum, driven in part by increased scrutiny from regulatory bodies such as the SEC. While these advancements were noteworthy, a substantial number of these ventures merely replicate existing products without bringing any meaningful advancements and therefore failing to offer an improved user experience while heavily relying on mechanisms like airdrops and referral programs to onboard users, therefore attracting users who are already part of other communities, leading to little or no competition, limited growth in product adoption.
E•network is committed to implementing a thoughtful and strategic user acquisition plan to connect and onboard new users into our community and the broader web3 space. We recognize the significance of a smooth onboarding process for new people and businesses into web3, and we have devised a comprehensive strategy to achieve this goal.
At E•network, we prioritize genuine user growth over mere incentive farming. By providing unique and value-driven products, we will attract users who are genuinely interested in our platform and its potential. Our ultimate vision is to build a thriving and diverse community of users who share our passion for innovation and the potential of web3.
We are excited to embark on this journey and create a DeFi ecosystem that sets a new standard for user experience, onboarding, and sustainable growth.