Enetwallet built on ERC-4337 standard, Our Devs with the help of Account Abstraction, will implement protocols and tools that will abstract away the complexities of interacting with DeFi protocols
Enetecosystem is an advanced DeFi infrastructure providing user friendly products and good number of investments opportunities. In contrary to the above mentioned problems are some of the solutions provided by E•network.
  • Provide a bridge between DeFi and RWA , by enabling easier access and utilization of DeFi services by traditional financial institutions and easy access to educational contents.
  • We also aim to improve the user experience with the help of Account Abstraction, by abstracting away the technical complexities in the DeFi space (Gas fees, improved UI/UX, Easy onboarding process, Easy interaction with smart contracts.
  • We enable seamless interoperability between different blockchains networks, allowing users to access DeFi services regardless of the blockchain they are using thereby enabling efficient movement of assets in the Ecosystem.
  • Implementing additional layer of security and abstraction, reducing the risk of direct smart contract interactions and potential exploits.