MVP program

MVPM/MVPY: The "Most Valuable Person of the Month/Year" is an exciting program within our ecosystem designed to recognize and reward community members who actively contribute to the growth and success of our platform. This program empowers community members to become ambassadors and advocates for our ecosystem, encouraging them to refer individuals or businesses and foster valuable partnerships. $INER is the rewarding and governance token for this program.
Here's how the program works:
  • Referral Incentives: Community members are encouraged to refer new users or businesses to join our ecosystem. When a referral successfully joins and actively engages with the platform, the referrer becomes eligible for attractive incentives.
  • Connecting Valuable Partnerships: In addition to direct referrals, the program also encourages community members to identify and establish valuable partnerships that can benefit our ecosystem. These partnerships could include collaborations with other projects, businesses, or influencers within the industry.
  • Recognition and Rewards: Each month or year, based on the program's timeframe, we will announce and celebrate the "Most Valuable Person" who has made outstanding contributions to the community. This recognition will come with special rewards, such as exclusive access to new features, premium services, or unique NFTs.
  • Community Engagement: The program fosters a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition among community members. By actively participating in the referral and partnership efforts, members become more deeply engaged in the ecosystem's growth and success.
  • Transparency and Fairness: The selection process for the "Most Valuable Person" will be transparent and fair, with clear criteria and guidelines to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to participate and excel.

Example of Task:

Refer a friend: To complete this circle and receive your reward, a referral must successfully join and actively engages with the platform and complete the following
Partnership offers:
  • Partner MUST have a responsive community
  • Partnership will be beneficial to both parties
Refer a Business:
  • Generate revenue
  • Operative for more than 3 years
  • Registered business
BOTS are prohibited, if detected will erase the points you have accumulated and likely blacklist your account from participating.

Example of how the Incentive works<:

  • Complete referral of a friend (MUST complete the task)
$1 pro Referrer, +5 points added to your portfolio
Refer more than 500 people in a month, Grab a bonus of $100 worth of $INER +100 points
  • Complete processing of partnership (Depends on the type of exposure it will bring to the community)
EXP1}} $100 worth of $INER, +30 points above added to portfolio
EXP2}} $200 worth of $INER, +50 points to your portfolio
EXP3}} $350 worth of $INER, +80 points to your portfolio
  • Complete referral of a Business (calculated by revenue generated by the business monthly)
REV1(<10,000 - $50,000)= $1000 worth of $INER, +50 points added to your portfolio.
REV2(<$100,000 - $500,000)= $5000 worth of $INER, +80 points added to your portfolio
REV3(<$1,000,000 - $10,000,000)= $10,000 worth of $INER, +120 points added to your portfolio (Payment is Negotiable)
Rev4(Above $10,000,000) Negotiable, +200 points added to your portfolio (Payment is Negotiable)
Whenever you successfully complete a task or secure a business partnership, your rewards will be issued to you immediately. This means that you don't have to wait to reap the benefits of your efforts – your hard work will be acknowledged and rewarded right away.
At the end of every two months, we will calculate the points earned by each individual based on their task completions and partnership achievements. The individual with the highest points for that particular month will be announced as the winner and will be generously rewarded with a Whitelist spot.
If a referrer wins the MVPM 2x consecutive times, he will automatically be announced as the MVPY and receive all the incentives awarded to MVPY for that year.

Benefit of MVPM.

  • Whitelist spot for any upcoming project and Airdrop from project`s incubated and launching on Enetlab.

Benefits of MVPY

  • $ will be disclosed prior to launch.
  • Involve in decision making with limited access
  • Invited to Team events through out the year
  • Sommer holiday trip.
  • Automatic whitelist spot for 1 year.
  • Participate in NFT launch and Resort project.
Through the "Most Valuable Person of the Month/Year" program, we aim to foster a vibrant and enthusiastic community that actively contributes to the sustainable growth and success of our ecosystem. By recognizing and rewarding these valuable individuals, we create a culture of appreciation and collaboration, reinforcing our commitment to building a thriving and inclusive ecosystem.
NOTE: We know that some people has more influence than others, we will announce 6-3months prior to the end of the year, if we will be more generous in picking 2 winners for that particular year.
The Team reserves the right to reduce the incentives or pause the MVPM/MVPY during unfavorable market situations.