E•network offers a range of services to support its ecosystem and promote the adoption of cryptocurrency. These services include payment APIs, SDKs, POS for businesses, and EnetCard.
Payment gateway
The payment gateway ensures secure and efficient online transactions by acting as a bridge between the merchant's website and the payment processor.
NFT Marketplace
The NFT marketplace provides a platform for individuals and projects to buy, sell, and trade unique digital assets built on blockchain technology
Escrow payment
The escrow payment service provides a neutral third party to hold funds during transactions, ensuring that both the buyer and seller are satisfied before releasing the funds.
E-commerce plug-ins
The e-commerce plug-ins enable businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments and transactions on popular content management systems like Shopify, WordPress, Magento, and more.
E•network 's payment APIs make it easy and secure for businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments. Merchants can easily integrate cryptocurrency payments into their existing payment systems, reducing transaction costs and speeding up transactions.
POS (Point of sale)
E•network 's point of sale system allows for efficient and accurate tracking of sales and inventory for businesses handling physical transactions.
Next of kin
The platform's next of kin feature allows a client's closest living relative to reclaim their assets if necessary.
The exclusive BlackCard is the first of its kind in the cryptocurrency space. It grants lifetime access to major allocations and events within the Enet ecosystem and will also be available as limited NFTs.