Core Team

Offor Ebube (Johcee )


An entrepreneur, equipped with a keen understanding of business dynamics, coupled with a robust background spanning 5-6 years in the ever-evolving health sector. A proactive founder, perceptive investor, and engaged participant in the domains of fintech, web3, and blockchain. Accumulating more than 5 years of invaluable industry experience since 2019

David Uzochukwu


David is a highly skilled blockchain developer and smart contract auditor with over 2 years of experience in the industry. He has extensive knowledge of blockchain technologies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, and is proficient in Solidity. David has a deep understanding of security best practices and has performed numerous audits of smart contracts to ensure they are secure and free of bugs. He also has experience building decentralized applications (dApps) and implementing smart contract-based solutions for various industries.

Mona Faith

Project manager

Mona is a multifaceted project and business development manager with a track record of delivering results, and carrying out projects, worked in the Bank sector before venturing into web3 projects (Joint protocol, Impact plus and more...) She has successfully led projects, fostered community partnerships, and accelerated business growth.

Philip Akhil

Fullstack Developer

Senior software engineer and blockchain developer with 10 years experience building web and mobile applications. He has deployed tons of smart-contracts and DApps, worked with big projects like "DeSpace protocol".

Eric Vondee

Blockchain/Backend Developer

Miracle Friday

Blockchain/Mobile App Developer

Abdulrahman Bello

Frontend Developer

Experienced, passionate and dedicated Frontend website & app developer with extensive trainings and proven success in development. Adept in overseeing all aspects of front-end development, color choice, use of typeface and various technological matters that affect the overall visual outcome of a design

Achusi Amara

Community Manager

Achusi Amara (MARABLOSSOM) is a remarkable figure in the Web3 ecosystem. With expertise as a Web3 educator, DeFi analyst, Community and Growth Manager, she has made a significant impact on many projects. MARABLOSSOM is the Programs Manager at WomenInDeFi, empowering women and fostering their participation in decentralized finance. She has also been a valuable Community/Token Advocate for MARA and has worked on various DeFi projects, showcasing her versatility and dedication to the industry.


Chief Designer

Cornelius (a.k.a nElly) is a creative and visionary designer with over six (6) years of experience, known for his innovative approach towards design hiccups, merging functionality and aesthetics in proffering high-end solutions to individuals and organizations in the Web3 Space.

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