Technology stack


Building a reliable and secure backend infrastructure using Solidity smart contracts requires careful planning, testing, and thorough security audits. We have employed experienced blockchain developers who are well-versed in smart contract development and Ethereum. Which is essential for the successful implementation of Enetwallet Account Abstraction wallet.


Our platform's front-end is designed to offer users an intuitive and user-friendly interface, accomplished through the use of React.js. Leveraging React.js empowers us to deliver a seamless and responsive user experience across a range of devices, users can expect a consistent and visually engaging experience. React.js enables us to efficiently handle complex interactions and real-time data updates, enhancing the overall usability and interactivity of our application.
Enetwallet distinguishes itself through a technologically advanced foundation that underscores its capabilities and user experience. It is built upon the following key technological pillars:

Security and privacy:

Enetwallet employs robust security measures, including advanced encryption and secure key management, to safeguard users' funds and private data. Multi-factor authentication and biometric login options further enhance account security.

Account Abstraction:

Enetwallet utilizes ERC-4337 account abstraction standard, allowing users to interact with decentralized applications (dApps) without needing to hold Ether (ETH) to cover transaction fees. Instead, the wallet covers transaction fees on behalf of users, making it more user-friendly and reducing the complexity of fee management.