Token Utility

The E•network token offers several utilities to its holders, such as:


E•network has implemented a robust and sophisticated governance mechanism to ensure that the community plays an active role in shaping the platform's future. The governance process involves the following key elements:

  • Proposal Recommendation: Top $ENET address holders who have staked their tokens for at least 10 days before the proposal date are eligible to recommend proposals for inclusion in the ecosystem. This inclusion ensures that a diverse range of ideas and initiatives can be considered for the platform's development and improvement.

  • Voting Rights: $ENET addresses holding or staking more than 0.2% of the total supply of $ENET tokens are granted voting rights in the proposal selection process. This allocation of voting power ensures that larger stakeholders have a significant say in important decisions, while still maintaining a balance with smaller stakeholders' voices.

  • Majority Stakeholder Control: The stated goal of E•network is to allow the majority of stakeholders to command the network. This approach ensures that the decisions made reflect the collective interests and desires of the majority.

  • Governance Scope: Token holders can vote on various proposals, ranging from network upgrades and fee structures to other ecosystem-related issues. This wide scope of governance topics ensures that the community can influence critical aspects of the platform's operations.


Staking is a vital network validation mechanism within the E•network ecosystem. $ENET token holders have the opportunity to stake their tokens, which serves two key purposes: earning rewards and contributing to the security of the network by validating transactions. Staking encourages users to hold and lock their $ENET tokens, fostering a stronger and more stable ecosystem.

We have designed two staking mechanisms: Alpha and Delta, each offering distinct advantages to stakers.

  • Alpha Staking: Alpha staking grants users the opportunity to secure an allocation for up to one year in upcoming projects incubated by Enetlab. Additionally, alpha stakers enjoy ecosystem discounts on swap and transaction fees, providing them with cost-saving benefits while participating in the ecosystem.

  • Delta Staking: Delta staking introduces two staking tiers: Platinum and Diamond, each tailored to different levels of investment.

  • Platinum: Platinum staking allows investors to stake a smaller portion of their $ENET tokens and receive monthly APY rewards. The size of the rewards is determined by the amount staked. Platinum stakers can participate in projects IDO´s on EnetPad. Additionally, Platinum stakers can access in-ecosystem discounts, providing them with value-added perks.

  • Diamond: Diamond staking caters to investors who stake a medium amount of $ENET tokens. Diamond stakers receive monthly API rewards and are eligible for airdrops from projects seeking to partner with Enetecosystem or launching on EnetPad. Like Platinum stakers, Diamond stakers also enjoy in-ecosystem discounts.


Allocation is a highly valuable benefit exclusively available to $ENET token holders within the E•network ecosystem. This unique privilege provides them with the opportunity to actively participate in upcoming presales and initial DEX offerings (IDOs) hosted on EnetPad, our cutting-edge launchpad for projects incubated by Enetlab.

Participation in these presales and IDOs can be highly lucrative for investors, as they get early access to promising projects at preferential rates before they are released to the general public. This advantage allows $ENET holders to secure a portion of tokens or assets at a discounted price, potentially leading to substantial returns on their investment.

It is important to note that this exclusive benefit is solely accessible to Alpha subscribers, who are stakeholders participating in the Alpha staking mechanism. By staking their $ENET tokens in Alpha, users gain not only access to allocation in presales and IDOs but also unlock other rewards and discounts within the ecosystem

In-ecosystem purchase:

$ENET serves as a versatile and valuable means of payment within the Enetecosystem, offering users a seamless and convenient way to access various services and pay fees.

As part of our commitment to delivering a diverse range of offerings to our community, we have partnered with select service providers who will accept services provided by E•network. Through Enetwallet, users can access these partner services and enjoy the convenience of using $ENET tokens for their purchases and while enjoying the discounts offered by our partners.


$ENET utility extends to paying transaction fees, exchange fees, and other services within the platform, making it an essential component of the ecosystem's financial infrastructure.


$ENET holders enjoy exclusive benefits that incentivize their active engagement with the E•network ecosystem. By holding ENET tokens, users gain access to attractive discounts on transaction fees and exchange fees, available on both Enetwallet and EnetDex. These discounts serve as a compelling reason for users to utilize the platform, fostering a strong community of engaged participants. see chart below

  • Our business partners also receive discounts on servi fees, if they hold a certain amount of $ENET. see chart below

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