$EN Token

$INER was created as a community reward token to incentivize the hard-working community members who put in tirelessly effort to ensure the growth of the ecosystem.

The $INER token plays a pivotal role within the Enetecosystem, offering users an exclusive avenue to earn rewards for actively engaging and contributing to the ecosystem's expansion. Through the MVP (Most Valuable Participant) program, users have the opportunity to earn $INER tokens by partaking in various activities.

The $INER token holds tangible value, and users have the freedom to utilize it as they wish. They can spend the tokens within the ecosystem or trade them on various cryptocurrency exchanges like any other digital asset.

Key Features and Functions of $INER:

  • Reward Mechanism: $INER is primarily utilized as a reward mechanism to acknowledge and incentivize users for their involvement in various activities within the ecosystem. Users can earn $INER tokens by participating in the MVP (Most Valuable Participant) program, inviting friends to join the platform, and taking part in community challenges.

  • Economic Incentives: By providing economic incentives in the form of $INER tokens, E•network aims to stimulate active participation and contribution from its community members. These incentives encourage users to continually engage with the platform, fostering a thriving and dynamic ecosystem.

  • Community Growth: $INER plays a significant role in fostering community growth by rewarding users for inviting new members to the platform. This process helps expand the E•network community, driving adoption and increasing network effects.

  • Token Utility: While $INER is primarily a reward token, it also have utility within the ecosystem. Users might be able to use $INER tokens for various purposes, such as accessing exclusive features, services, or exclusive content.

  • Buy to Earn: By purchasing goods and services from E•network's business partners through the mobile wallet link, users can earn rewards in $INER tokens. This "Buy to Earn" program offers additional incentives for community.


  • Deflationary

  • Airdrop


6% sale tax on $INER token and will be allocated as

  • 4% for Buy back and Burn of $ENET and $INER token

  • 2% Staking wallet.

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