At the launch of the $EN token, we have an exciting plan in place, to airdrop some $EN linearly to our valued community members. The airdrop will be distributed to 2 specific groups:

  • Staked $ENET Wallets: Community members who have staked $ENET tokens for up to 2 months will be eligible to receive a portion of the airdrop. Staking $ENET tokens demonstrates a commitment to the ecosystem's growth and sustainability, and as a token of appreciation, these stakers will be rewarded with $EN tokens. Exceptions are Locked allocation from Seed, Private and public rounds.

  • MVP task: Accumulated rewards for completed MVP (Most Valuable Participant) tasks will be disbursed on the launch date, providing users with immediate recognition and incentives for their valuable participation.

By airdropping a significant portion of the token supply, we aim to foster a strong sense of community and reward our early supporters for their trust and engagement. This airdrop not only recognizes the value of staking $ENET but also introduces users to the potential and benefits of the $EN token within the Enetecosystem.

We are excited about this airdrop initiative and look forward to welcoming more users into our community as we embark on this journey of growth and innovation together.

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